How to Stop Lying to Ourselves: A Call for Self-Awareness

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The first step to stopping lying to ourselves is recognizing when we’re doing it. This may seem like a trivial task, but it can be surprisingly difficult to catch ourselves in the act. One way to help monitor our own behavior is to keep a “lying log”. Whenever we lie to ourselves, we should make a note of the time, place, and details of the falsehood. This will allow us to track our progress over time and identify any patterns that might be contributing to our deceptive behavior.

Another important step in stopping lying to ourselves is developing self-awareness. This means becoming aware of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to better understand why we do what we do. The more knowledge we have about ourselves, the easier it will be to recognize when we’re engaging in self- deception.

Finally, it’s important not to let lies breed further lies. Once we start lying to ourselves routinely, it becomes much harder to truthfully assess our own actions and beliefs. It can also become difficult to make sound decisions based on accurate information – something that is critical for maintaining healthy relationships and achieving success in life.

By taking these steps, we can gradually begin reducing the amount of self-deception that takes place in our lives. Ultimately, this effort will help us become more truthful and authentic individuals who are capable of achieving their goals without resorting to deception

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